Can I see images after I take them with OM-D?

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Bruce Clarke
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Yes, sort of

gollywop wrote:

Mikeywcu wrote:

Hey all,

I just picked up my OM-D, and I have one small complaint. With my E-3, I take a picture with the viewfinder, and the image immediately flashes on the LCD.

I want this on the OM-D: that is, I want to take a shot using the EVF, then have that picture display on the OLED for a second without my having to press the 'play' button.

Is this possible?

The E-3 has an optical VF; the E-M5 has an electronic VF (EVF) -- and their behaviors differ.  You can use just EVF or just Live View, or you can have the camera switch automatically between the two when an eye comes up to the EVF.

But, if you use both, you can review the image only with the one you used to take the shot.  Thus, if you shoot using the EVF, you can see the review in the EVF, but if you take your eye away during the review, it will not switch to the OLED -- a vice versa.

If you want to continue the EVF review in the OLED, I fear you will have to go into playback.

Not entirely correct. If you set the Record View (under the Cog symbol) to Auto rather than a timed setting, it switches to playback after every shot, and stays there until you clear it with half press of the shutter, or the playback button. Most people would find this annoying, but I mainly shoot landscapes, and always want to review on the OLED unless I'm doing action stuff. If you are shooting with the viewfinder, you need to keep it to your eye till it has displayed the playback in the viewfinder, then taking your eye away will switch playback to the OLED until you clear it.

This also has the benefit you can delete immediately, or review previous shots immediately, as you are already in playback.


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