Upgrade to LR4, or a 'next-gen sensor' Olympus camera?

Started Oct 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrade to LR4, or a 'next-gen sensor' Olympus camera?

don_van_vliet wrote:

I am currently using an older 12mp Olympus camera, which I am relatively happy with. I shoot RAW and sometimes wish for a bit more resilience when post-processing, either in highlight recovery or when lifting shadows.

I am wondering if upgrading to LR4 will give me a significant benefit, and if it will be in any way comparable to upgrading to a next-gen 16mp sensor Oly camera (OM-D EPL5) in terms of DR improvement.
I realise I won't get any extra pixels that way, but it will be a) a cheaper upgrade right now, and b) cheaper when I do eventually upgrade to a 16mp Olympus, because I will be a 'late adopter'.
Who knows, I might be able to buy a lens as well.
Thoughts? Am I expecting too much?

You realize if you buy the OM-D you will have to upgrade LR to ver 4 anyway to read the new RAW files.  The OM-D forced me to upgrade to LR4 which came in handy when I got my Nikon D600

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