Merrill goes to Manila

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Re: Merrill goes to Manila

Dabbler wrote:

Great shots, such a different way of life! I have posted this is the worst camera I own, due to the litany of negatives but do admit the details in the images are amazing. I was surprised to see your shots were taken at ISO 200, I would have thought in the bright Cuban sun you could have used ISO 100 for better IQ. I do have to say I'm not impressed with skin tones in images taken with Foveon sensor, I much prefer my D800 or even my X10 for shooting portraits. But the details are mind boggling!

Thanks for posting these colorful shots!

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Hi Michael, thanks for your comments. Manila is a long way from Cuba, but the climates are similar.

I set the ISO to 200 for two reasons. One, I wanted to brighten my images so I started using +0.7 Ev as the default value; and two, being out in the street with lots of movement, I wanted to keep my shutter speeds as high as possible and still keep good IQ.

I have taken a few shots set on a tripod at ISO 100, and the detail is quite amazing. Here is one:

I agree with you about skin tones: it is definitely an issue to deal with, and I haven't solved the riddle yet. Using Color Efex Pro as part of my PP pipeline, I am trying to get a good skin tone using the Remove Color Cast filter. I also remember Carl Rytterfalk getting great skin tones using Silkypix; see here:

This GLC definitely has its issues, but the combination of superlative lens and extraordinary sensor make it worth while to work around its foibles. No camera is perfect; this camera is less perfect than most in many things, yet near-perfect in the important ones of sensor and glass, as well as AF accuracy.



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