[[D800]] Lens combination help 35 1.4G and 70-200 VR currently

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Re: [[D800]] Lens combination help 35 1.4G and 70-200 VR currently

mikeokimster wrote:

sfnikon wrote:

I have all the lenses mentioned above except the 85/1.4G (I have the 85/1.8G and love the light weight).   On the D800e I'm finding I use the triad of 24/1.4G, 35/1.4G, 85/1.8G the majority of the time with the 200/2, ZF100/2 taking up most of the rest.   I only use the 70-200VRII on the D3 for kids sports.   Therefore I agree with adding the 24/1.4 but would reconsider the 85/1.8G since it really will save you a lot of funds so you can get closer to the 200/2.   The 200 is by far the best portrait lens period.

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Just what I was looking for!  Thanks   One more question..  85mm 1.8G or the 70-200 VR for portraits?

sfnikon and I have almost identical lens set ups except I don't have the Nikon 24G.  I too recommend going with the 85 f1.8G over f1.4G.  Zeiss 100f2 and Nikon 200f2 are magical on the D800 imo.

I prefer the 85 for portraits over the 70-200 at 85mm.  You can get the 85 f1.8G and the upcoming 70-200 f4 combined for less than the 70-200 f2.8 alone.

If I were buying a WA, I'd get either the Zeiss 21 or 25f2(my pref)....or wait and see what Zeiss's new "ultra" resolution line of lenses turns out to be, but those will be big bucks. ($3k-ish).  Or how about a Samyang and really save some $$?

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