Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

It would be a great concept if the technical challenges could be overcome.

Orthogonality is one of the points correctly mentioned. Possibly some external adjusting screws so self levelling fine adjustment could be done in the field. Some astro cameras have a separate mounting plate with 3 or 4 adjustment screws to gain orthogonality (squareness).

As chips get larger orthogonality demands increase by the square. That is a chip that is twice the size of APS would requite at least 4X more accurate squareness.

I see this all the time in telescope astrophotography where the current larger chipped cameras use Kodak KAF16803 chip which is about 34mm x 34mm with a 44mm diagonal. Slight tilts show up easily in star images where stars in corners will appear elongated on one side of an image or corner than the others. Flex in the system can be hard to track down so any mounting system needs to be precise, rigid and repeatable. And as I mention perhaps fine adjustment screws whilst not a good thing to need may be worthwhile. Or some cleverly engineered self levelling system.

But imagine - they could have a whole new division marketing various sensors just like we do now with lenses.

All it would take is a really powerful processor in the camera to take care of the various setups and be somewhat future proof for at least a while anyway.


Guys.... we that use MFDB on MF cameras, we take it on and off hundreds of times a year... not only I do it on my Contax 645 but I bought an inexpensive chinese plate to be able to use my MFDB to my Fuji GX680 without having to change the MFDB's mounting (it's always C645)... the later is even revolving! Yet, there is no problem with the focusing plane or the sensor positioning for years.... The alignment is all to springs and prongs and metal plates and even shims and yet no problem!

Having a British degree in MechEng I don't see any problem whatsoever for proper sensor alignment... and surely there isn't any nor it is any special cost to ensure the correct fitting of a slotted sensor.


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