How great is the EVF in Nex6/NEX7 , like DSLR ?

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Re: How great is the EVF in Nex6/NEX7 , like DSLR ?

The EVF in the NEX-6 and NEX-7 is better than just about ANY crop sensor DSLR. In fact, in terms of coverage and magnification, it is comparable to high-end Full Frame DSLR.

So it will top your Optical Viewfinder in the D5100 by a large margin.

However ............

Do keep in mind that an EVF is quite literally a very densely packed set of pixels ... a display. It will not be as "natural" as an optical viewfinder, though Sony does get uncannily close with the OLED EVF in the NEX and Alpha lines. Compared to a FULL FRAME DSLR (1D series, D700/800, D3/4, 5D MKIII, but not really MKII,and Sony Alpha A900/850), the EVF isn't as bright, and crystal clear. It will, however, show you EXACTLY what you will capture, albeit the EVF shows some noise in low-light that usually don't show up in the final image as apparent.

My recommendation is find a Sony Store or otherwise that has a NEX-7 or NEX-6 or even an Alpha A77/65 in stock. Take your D5100 along. Adjust the EVF to your eyes, and compare the two side by side.

I used a 5DII for four years, sold it last April, and been using my NEX-5N with the EVF attachment (which is the SAME EVF as NEX-6/7) since last December. I have not really missed the OVF of the 5DII.

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