A99 Still life tests up at Imaging Resource!!

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Re: A99 Still life tests up at Imaging Resource!!

mick232 wrote:

billorg wrote:

Woooo!  Been waiting so long for these!  Unfortunately high ISO noise doesn't compare to my 5D MIII  but I'm getting one anyway.



Ouch! I compared the ISO 6400 shots of A99 and 5DM3 at both NR0 and NR1. The A99 is inferior compared to the 5DM3. I wouldn't have expected the differences to be so big and even in favor of the 5DM3. You'd think that the Sony sensor more than compensates for the SLT mirror light loss.

I would also read this thread


The A99 is obviously going to struggle with a minimum of 1/3 stop of SLT light loss, so I expect that, but I can at least see If you look at the EXIF, the 5D3 at ISO6400 gives 1/800th f/8, the A99 1/1000th f/8, that's 25%

The D600 is even more disadvantaged there, 1/1250th @ ISO6400!

I think more info will come to light as the RAWs are dug into further, but I see no reason just yet to think the bottom line difference should ultimately end up being 1/3 stop difference with the A99 when apples to apples comparisons are done, unless Sony have totally messed up, since it does share the same sensor as the D600..

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