********** Challenge 156 - Death & Despair B&W **********

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********** Challenge 156 - Death & Despair B&W **********

Thanks to pierre1 for the last challenge and draacor for winning it (he passed on moderating this challenge, so it's up to me).

This is going to be a tough one... but in all 155 challenges, we haven't really done anything like it.

Death and Despair - Black and White

Photography, and art in general, can be used to as an outlet for depression and sadness, or to help understand traumatic events and circumstances. As a record of events, photographs can transcend an individual's death and help others understand who a person was and what their life meant. They can also be used to help the grieving process, as above.

Photographs also can remind us of our own mortality, the ephemeral nature of human existence, and the unstoppable flow of the river of time.  A photograph is a moment captured, a leaf plucked out of the river and held up to the sun.

Death and dying, despair and depression - these are as much a part of our existence as life and living, joy and happiness.  Without the former, one cannot truly define the latter.

The image must be Black and White.  No sepia or monocolor please.  Reasoning for this: 1-puts everyone on a level playing field, given the theme. 2-time to revisit some photos for a B&W treatment?

Images in this theme often need an explanation.  Please include one if you need to.  If you have a brilliantly-composed portrait of a dog, I probably will exclude that from the challenge as "off topic" no matter how good it is.  If you include an explanation with the photo that could change (that he was run over by a car the day after you took that photo and you can't look at the photo without weeping).

Please refrain from grisly and grotesque images ("shock" images).  Not only are these are a violation of DPreview's terms of service, as they will be reported and you will probably get banned, but you also won't win with an image like that either.  Be original, this is not a crime-scene photo forum.

This challenge will end on Friday, October 2nd, 2012 @ 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time (2 weeks).


The best example I can think of is: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3999557

This is not my photo, obviously.



The host gives you a topic of interest and you get going. You will submit your best work. Post ONE image (if you post more than one image, the first will be your entry in the challenge).

The host chooses a winner after closing. The decision of the judge (the host) is final. The judge is not eligible. The winner then chooses the next topic, runs the challenge, judges the winner and passes on the baton to that person. If the winner fails to post a new challenge within 72 hours of being declared the winner then the runner-up should post the new challenge within a further 24 hours.

Images created with any camera at any time are eligible.

Feel free to comment on other contestant's images. If you want someone to leave you some constructive criticism, put (CC) next to the title of your image.

Please embed your image in the thread. Try to resize your photos prior to posting so they're sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll (800 to 1200 pixels on the longest side is best.)

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