So.... The 5D Mark III

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Re: So.... The 5D Mark III

Yeah, some Best Buy stores have recently expanded their camera bodies and lens offerings. As for the Mark III ergonomics, I love it. I've played with both the D600 and D800 and there's just something about Nikon ergo and grips that don't feel right to me. The Mark III feels perfect shaped for my and and the texture makes it feel very secure. However, the Nikon's didn't fit quite as well for me and the smoother rubber texture wasn't nearly as "grippy".

As for the ergonomics, I may be biased from my Canon experience, but I definitely prefer the Canon layout with one wheel on top, a joystick, and a large scroll wheel on the back, versus Nikon's dual offset wheels on the top of the bodies and the flat control pad on the back. Again, i'm sure there are many who prefer the Nikon way, but for me, Canon bodies are so much more comfortable to hold and use.

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