Question about print quality: 8 bit JPEG vs 16 bit TIF

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Re: Question about print quality: 8 bit JPEG vs 16 bit TIF

Instead of adding a watermark to the image, I would suggest just including a footer on the test images. Watermarks can sometimes create artifacts in a JPEG.

I would be surprised if the other print shop couldn't increase their FTP upload limit.  They might also be able to take 8 bit TIFF.  I don't think you will really need it and the JPG format will probably be okay unless your prints are dozens of square feet, big panoramas or similar.  But if they can accept TIFF with less color depth, that will probably cover your needs just in case JPG does not do a good job with a particular image.

TIFF is really more than a simple "file format" and supports lossy and lossless compression schemes.  The print shop can probably open the files if you save them with LZW compression, which will reduce the file size.  Photoshop supports this option.

For example, I saved a 13x9 300ppi 8 bit CMYK image in TIFF format.  Once with LZW compression, 7.8MB file.  The second time, without LZW, 67MB file.  LZW is a lossless form of data compression, similar to putting something in a ZIP file.

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