GH3 leaves me cold as ice

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Re: GH3 leaves me cold as ice

Adventsam wrote:


If that was the case, the sensor should have been designed wide enough for a proper scaled approach, just like the GH2. There is nothing wrong with the GH2 sensor that a next generation tweak wouldn't have solved?

Clearly, if it could have been solved with a simple tweak, they would have done it, rather than adopting a completely different sensor.  If the dynamic range is improved to a level similar or better than the OM-D, then I am fine with losing multi-aspect.

All in all the GH2 was a superb camera, it needed a few new tweaks, ie pretty much the additonal features in the G5, what they've have done is maddening.

For me, I'm quite happy with some of the major changes:

  • More direct-access controls.
  • More user-programmable controls.
  • Wi-fi.
  • Wireless flash control.
  • Full manual control of the built-in flash.
  • Presumably better image quality with regards to dynamic range and high ISO performance.
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