My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Why is this thread marked invisible?

Why is this thread marked invisible?

As Stephen would say... How is my discussion of this lens and [SLR Magic] in any way a personal attack? When my comments have been limited to discussions of the lens in question and the customer service of the company involved how can that in any way be considered personal? All of my comments about individuals within SLR Magic have been confined to their roles within the company, so please explain how that is different than discussing Leica and Stefan Daniels' LCD repair policy for the M8 (a topic that has generated enormous dissatisfaction) or other occurrences where members expressed opinions and experiences about photographic equipment and the companies who build it.

Is it only permitted to be unhappy with large companies and not small ones?

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