Can you please suggest macro lens for Nikon D5100?

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Re: Nik 60mm minimum focussing distance

Snapshott wrote:

David Lal wrote:

That's really interesting - I wonder how Nikon manages the optics to achieve that. I don't have the Nik 60.

Tamron does, Nikon doesn't. Nikkor's non-extending 60G has 5cm, while the older 60D has 7cm. But Canon's non-extending 60 has 9cm.

However, the Tamron 60 is not what you're looking for if you want a short macro for the low background blur (P&S macro look). Then one might prefer the Tokina 35 (no BIM) or the Nikkor 40.

First remember working distance is from the front of the lens to the subject while focus distance is from the sensor.

Certainly, and the specs mainly list only the MFD, not the free working distance.

The "built-in hood" design takes a couple of cm away from its free working distance.

| 1st the Tamron 90 expands while focusing closer and the Tamron 60 does not.

In times when all macros were extending ones, there was a fairly accurate simple formula for the working distance as a function of the FL. The newer non-extending ones may depart from it considerably; the Nikkor 60G has much less, while the Tamron 60, Nikkor 85VR, Nikkor 105VR etc quite some more.

| 2nd most lenses loss focal length to varying degrees as you begin to focus closer. I've read reviews that the Tamron 90 does indeed focus breath and I'm guessing its a little more than the Tamron 90.

Yes I hear the effective FL tends to shrink to a considerably variable degree; half of the initial FL is not uncommon; the entrance pupil position is also relevant here an varies a lot among different designs also.

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