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Re: What is wrong in the Windows embeded defrag?

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

Thanks, Brad, for your explanation - it makes sense.

Anyway I have doubts on how much that can affect the overall system performance when compared with a solution using the embeded defrag from Windows.

On older P4 PCs, what Brad mentioned made a big difference when doing realtime video editing and playback.  Video files can be large and when loaded on to the hard drive, would end up being fragmented even if the HDD had just been defragged.  This could lead to playback glitches.

I don't think that this would be the case using a modern, fast CPU but I don't know since I haven't done video editing after retiring.  If one sees glitches when playing video files, (especially on an older P4 PC), then maybe try a smart defrag that consolidates all of the existing data and leaves the rest of the HDD as one huge free space, before loading the video files.  I used to use "Perfect Disk" to do my smart defrags.


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