GH2 vs G5 (for still photography) ?

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Depends again

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Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3

Switching grears here.....

Between OMD-E5 and G5, which one is better (for stills) ? According DPreview, OMD is the closest that m4/3 has come matching the IQ of FF. Is that true?

At the moment I would hazard a guess and say that the OMD out of m4/3 is the closest to FF, but IMO, its still a long gap and way to go to get to FF.

I don't own any m4/3 now, but that might change with the GH3. It would suit me, but not others. If I was personally buying an m4/3 camera today, right this minute and had to have one, it would be the OMD. I will wait and see what the GH3 comes out like in a few reviews, the size and build of that suits me a lot better than the OMD. Just a personal thing and I don't use AF lenses and don't need OIS or IBIS. We are all different


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Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3

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