Fixed lens 4/3 compact?

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Re: Then what's the benefit of 4/3 sensor? (nt)

As far as big sensors in small bodies go, Sony really hit a home run with the rx100. I think it is a good example of the largest sensor you can cram into a body while still keeping it PANTS pocketable (jacket pocketable is not what most people mean by pocketable- by that standard, my e-pl1 is pocketable).

The 1" sensor handily bests other compacts at high iso, the lens/sensor combo can capture pretty impressive resolution, and you can fit it in a dress shirt or pair of jeans with no need to tote a camera case.

I doubt an m4/3 camera of the same style would remain pocketable- it would compete with the likes of the G1X. If it were possible to make a pocketable m4/3 at all, I think it would need to have a fixed focal length, something like the digma dp series.

If they managed to produce a pocketable m4/3 with a fixed 35mm eqivalent 1.8, I'd definitely take a look.

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