Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

Jeff Loughlin wrote:

It's a nice idea, but I doubt we'll ever see such a thing.  The image processing hardware and software are so closely tied to the sensor architecture that a sensor upgrade would need to include all new image processing chips and firmware to go with it - either that, or be such a small incremental upgrade as to not be worth it.  And considering that the sensor represents a large percentage of the manufacturing cost as it is (I don't want to throw out a number, but I'd guess it's more than half the total cost of the camera), and would be even more so with the additional complexity of an interchangeable sensor, that it wouldn't be cost effective anyway.

But I'd love to be proven wrong.


You are right as far as next generation sensors are considered Jeff, but what would we care with the level of the existing sensors/processors quality...? I mean you don't expect a D200 vs. D800 IQ difference to appear in the future you? ...I don't anyway! But I do agree with you that they won't do it... (a newcomer to FF may...) not because of cost, the sensor/electronics doesn't cost more than 12% of the total cost of modern DSLRs like the D800 or 5Dmkiii... (this means that we could have interchangeable sensors at the 600-1200 range), but because the sales of the higher end cameras would drop... Another thing is that independent manufacturers could produce "film" like they now produce "battery grips" or lenses and they wouldn't like that either... Kodak and Fuji would like it though.... I feel that the only way they can be forced to proceed is if a maker (Hass?, Leica?, Pentax?, Fuji?, Mamiya/P1?....) will come up with such an alternative.

I hope as well you (and me) both prove ....wrong!

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