A new Canon user, coming from Nikon D7000

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Re: A new Canon user, coming from Nikon D7000

ThuiQuaDayNe wrote:

ThuiQuaDayNe wrote:

5tve wrote:

TICAN wrote:

D800 can not has the better result in the same situation

Lovely photo , its nitpicking & viewing really close but I think you've oversharpened part of the eyebrow.

You tell him 5tve.  It has been proven that D800 has more details and better ISO when down sizing to 5D3 MP level.  Or upres the 5D3 to 36 MP and see the difference.  Not sure why people keep arguing about this.

Although the D800 has better low light and resolution.. 5D3 is still a better overall camera.

So please help me understand this consistent meme in these forums...that the 5d3 is the "better camera overall".

D800 ($2100 D600 too) is a better low iso camera.

D800 is just as good in iso performance when matched in resolution up to iso3200 and arguably 6400.  Please look at how many of your shots are above iso3200.

D800 has FAR better dynamic range.

D800 has better color depth.

D800 has uncompressed hdmi video out. 4;2;2 !

FPS: Pretty equal with a grip or shooting the D800 at 25MP.

And you have an optional AA filter for even better resolution=D800E.

5d3 AF is probably slightly better, though lacks f8 capability, which isn't important for very many users.

5d3 wins with Live View.

White Balance: D800 wins

Price: D800 wins

How does the above add up to the 5d3 being " a better camera overall"?  Hey, if you own a ton of Canon L glass, the nature of the argument changes, but simply comparing objectively, you must be kidding.  Is Live View FAR more important to you than IQ???

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