Romney up 51 to 45

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Simon Gallup wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Simon Gallup wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Simon Gallup wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Brian wrote:

Oh, you mean if every thing fell according to a website, that Obama would win?  you keep consoling yourself with that.  Romney is an avalanche and is picking up speed.  The Right knows this and the Liberal leadership knows this.  They are very much in panic mode right now.

If so, they should be, since the guy isn't qualified to be the secretary of a poker club, much less President of the country.

Yet has a very good chance of winning.

Wonder what that says for the incumbent, lol.

It says more about the electorate than the incumbent.

Exactly.... that they'd rather have the person you describe... than Barack Obama.

That they don't know better that to vote for Romney, a guy that has no plan, that has no beliefs or opinions, that has no clue how to do anything to solve any problems, and who will say anything just to advance his position.  They're gullible and believe what he says even though he himself doesn't believe it.

Yet... they'd rather have him... than Obama.

Funny how that works.

Yes, being gullible and clueless does often make people make poor choices, hence why close to half of the electorate is going to vote for a proven lying flip-flopper named Romney.

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