Of all the things the Taliban and extremists do, I am bothered by this one.

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That's exactly how I see it.

LeRentier wrote:

William Carson wrote:

Of course your right. I heard of this a while ago. A couple of guys vying for the same woman decided she was to blame and killed her. Really messed up rules for that society. It is so disturbing that I can't relate to it. But deciding to destroy 8000 year-old records of human culture and art is something that can stand out and put a spotlight on who these extremists really are. So, I think this should be shown as well.


Barely over a hundred years ago, both Catholics and Protestants did not hesitate to burn so-called witches.
These Islamic extremists still do similar things today but, are they really worse or just a little behind compared to 'our' schedule ?
During the religious wars in Europe, protestants would destroy catholic statues and clean out cathedrals, who protested ?
After all, aren't these Islamic extremists just following Christian examples ?
I'm so glad I do not adhere to any religion any more.

Think of them as us 400 years ago, and then everything becomes more clear.  The question becomes, then, how do we bring them back from 400 years in our past to our present day?  I suspect bombing them isn't the correct path.

Of course, we have multiple timelines existing within our own culture -- people who deny Evolution, for example.  In fact, dare I say, there will come a time when we are all vegetarian and look back at this time as barbaric and disgusting for not only eating meat, but how we get that meat.  I say that even though I'm far from a vegetarian, by the way.

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