GH3 leaves me cold as ice

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Re: GH3 leaves me cold as ice

Adventsam wrote:

As an original buyer on release of the GH1 and the GH2, the GH3 leaves me positively cold as ice. The removal of the MAR is the single biggest mistake Panasonic you have ever made in a long while, that and the fact it has taken so long for the GH2 replacement to ever come to market; and is now a huge beast of a heavyweight borders on the ridiculous. I hope you have success with it but to re-iterate;

The GH series was born for the MAR sensor, you duped us with 1 and 2 leading us to believe that MAR was here to stay, the successor is a joke, super wide angles of 12.5mm on the 7-14 are no longer an option all for the sake of maybe 0.5 ev extra DR? shame on you Pana.

I hear you. I also really like the concept of a MAR sensor. I wish my GX1 had it. Or my Nikon D800 for that matter.

I think the reason why the GH3 does not have a MAR sensor though is because the sensor is not manufactured by Panasonic (I believe it's made by Sony, just like the sensor in the OM-D).

Until Sony and others embrace the MAR format, I suspect MAR is dead.

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