Beginner looking to get a PL2- suggestions?

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Re: This is really confusing....

tedolf wrote:

David43Fan wrote:

Since I owned my OM-2n 25 years ago my foray into digital Olympus cameras has seen the following come and go: E-510; E-3; E-620; E-PL1

I kept the E-1 for it's colours, and the E-PL2 seemed to be perfect for me (a definite upgrade from E-PL1) when I needed better resolution. A few weeks ago I pcked up a used OM-D at a great price and so the E-1 is finally going as I have a few m43 lenses now: 45mm; 14-150mm; 12-50mm & 14-42mm MSC II. I'm loathed to sell the E-PL2 though, as it is more comfortabe to hold than the OM-D (which has the grip too) and has onboard flash as has been said. The OM-D is not worth 5 times the price of the E-PL2. I also like the wheel on the back of the E-PL2 as I've got used to the same on my XZ-1, another great 'keeper'. I'd recommend the XZ-1 just as much as the E-PL2 but you sound as though you'll want to expand your lens selection later, so the E-PL2 wins here. Just go for the standard kit 14-42 to start and then see how you feel when finances allow. The 45mm is a real cracker though!

You can't use u 4/3 lenses on an E-1.   You can use them on an e-pl2 though.   Oh, and one more thing.  The E-pl2 does not have any more resolution than the E-pl1.  Same sensor.   Tedolph

Re-read maybe? I'm selling the E-1 as I have a larger selection of m43 lenses to use on my m43 bodies. The E-PL2 has better resolution that the E-1 (read ignoring the words in brackets).

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