1dx and f8 addressed in firmware update

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Re: What you shoot determines the severity of the problem

cyrano wrote:

Turbo Hampster wrote:

Have you ever actually had a problem tracking an object with the 1Dx coz of the black focus points?

I evaluated the 5D3 (same AF display as the 1DX) and found it impossible to use for some of my work.

As I have never run into this problem....

It needs to be very dark and the subject needs to be very dark as well in order for it to be difficult to see to focus point. I think the main problem was when shooting in a dark environment it was difficult to initially see where the focus point was, so most people had to move it with the joystick to make it "blink" so they could see where it was.. But once you have it over the subject I find its not a problem.

Maybe its coz I came from the 7D and I'm used to the system...

Or maybe because your subjects aren't moving quickly?

The big problem isn't getting the AF spot over the subject once; it's keeping the AF spot over the subject when the subject moves quickly or erratically.

Ok fair enough!

In that case then although not perfect the blinking focus point should help you out in that situation.

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