A99 - a bit worried!

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Re: A99 - a bit worried!

Wow Tubal, those A99 features are really good, but I hope they don’t omit RCSM (Race Champion Selection Mode) that is a feature of the A77 though few seem aware of it. In any race, it first assesses starters’ past performances. Then via other Sony-users’ cameras that have this facility, it registers competitors’ places at various points around the course and calculates who is going to be the eventual winner, taking into account topography, weather, temperature etc. The assessment is relayed back to your camera.

All you then have to do is to stand at the side of the course, point your camera at the track/road and keep the shutter button pressed. As soon as the eventual winner comes into frame, the camera automatically focuses, selects appropriate settings and fires. Bingo!

Of course it’s not 100% accurate during the early stages of the race, but is guaranteed to be accurate if you are on the finishing line. Just to illustrate its power, here’s a shot of the (eventual) 2012 Olympic Road Cycle Race Champion that I took 1/3 of the way round the course.

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