Is a UV filter recommended for a 24-105?

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Re: UV filters...well, they filter UVs...

Press Correspondent wrote:

Le Kilt wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

A clean quality UV filter makes no optical difference whatsoever either way. It is used only for protection (the "UV" designation is misleading).

Just not true, you should look up what a UV filter does, it does make an optical difference.

There are actually neutral filters for protection only, even if most use a UV filter instead, as its UV filtering is considered as nearly always beneficial optically.

Sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about. UV filters used to make a slight difference on film with some lenses. There is no difference now in digital cameras, as modern lenses and other elements filter UV out anyway. If you disagree, please post a comparison of two DSLR shots, with a quality UV filter (BW, Hoya, Heliopan) vs. clear filter or no filter, with a visible difference.

Well all I have to say is you have to be careful with a statement like this..  Filters can have an affect on image quality...  Even good filters can affect your images..  I have seen it first hand on my 300mm F4L IS lens that had a good quality Hoya SMC filter on the front..  I actually had 2 of these filters and both degraded the images greatly..  Check out the below link to my tests which are indisputable proof of what the wrong filter can do...  I must point out that not all filters are created equal, and I now use B+W filters and have no such problems with image degradation..


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