Buying an X100 used/refurbished in the U.S.A.

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Re: Buying an X100 used/refurbished in the U.S.A.

zinedi wrote:

I don't consider it sensible to buy X100 now no matter whether new or not. I bought mine one in 03/2012 in EU, ser. number: 12H... and it developed SAB fault within a half year. What I've read everywhere I don't see any secure ser. number - error free. And service is also problematic - they were not able to repair my X100 within 30 days - so I cancelled the contract and got my money back. I decided to wait for another model X200 or any official statement of FUJI to this problem - similar to the problem with X10.

If you bought a 12H camera in March 2012, I'm assuming that you didn't get it new, as it was already nearly a year old when you bought it?

If there really hasn't been any official statement from Fujifilm on it by now, I wouldn't expect one, as my understanding is that whatever caused the defect was fixed in production by December 2011.

Also, I wouldn't hold your breath for an X200, the official Fuji line on that given in a recent interview is it won't be any time soon, which you can interpret how you like but I took that to mean probably not before Autumn 2013.

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