These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

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Re: These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

MisterBG wrote:

When I browse I have my list of "Favorites" permanently displayed on the left of the screen, appearing like a list of folders. When I click (for example) the "Photography" folder. it expands to show me a list of sub-folders, like "Dealers", "Discussion Forums", "News and Reviews" etc. Clicking one of these then expands to show me my bookmarks related to that category. If I move to a different category, the open category is automatically collapsed, so that I don't finish up with a list that scrolls off the bottom of my screen.

Thank you for your reply.

AFAICS (testing IE9) I cannot get the categories to collapse automatically if I open a new category, but only if I close the higher ranking category (in which case of course all subcategories of that category are collapsed) or click on the subcategory itself and thus collapse it manually.

That is the same behaviour FF shows in its bookmark bar (the only difference I can see is that IE jumps the category you just opened to the top of the bar, which is a nice feature).

Using FF with the add-on "flat bookmarks" however does indeed produce the behaviour you were describing. I have the folder hierarchy displayed on top and only the currently opened (sub)folder is displayed.

Alternatively: the all-in-one sidebar (another add-on), keeps the tree view but does indeed offer to automatically collapse a folder once a different one is opened.

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