Portraits w/ D800+85+105

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Re: Portraits w/ D800+85+105

Novens2 wrote:

Some very nice portraits overall the first and the last are in my opinion the better ones especially because of the cathchlights and position of the face and eyes (very nice). The second and third though nice cut the eye off in an awkward fashion and would be dramatically improved with a subtle repositioning. Just a question did you use auto or custom white balance as the colors seem a little on the orange side though I know this is to some degree a nikon characteristic.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comments. You're right about the eyes in the 2nd and 3rd photos, that's something I will be looking for in my next shootings (see both eyes).

I shoot RAW and adjust the white balance in post (lightroom). I use auto white balance in the camera because it gives a relatively good starting point. The "little orange side" is perhaps my own preference, it seems

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