A99 vs D600 ISO6400 samples

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Re: ISO6400 isn't everything!

Nordstjernen wrote:

moimoi wrote:

I appreciate the effort, but kind of useless comparisons.  As far as I am concerned, I need to see real-life samples.

So you prefer randomly exposed pictures, with different subjects, so that you can pick the best or worst after wwhat you are going to prove.

Those tests are good on the paper, but they do not show that kind of performance when it comes to shoot a scene in the dark because poor noise performance will be greatly enhanced (see the high ISO photos from the Korean reviews, which were pretty darn unimpressive).  My take is that shooting in real-life conditions will provide much more reasonable conclusions when it comes to noise performance.

Actuallly I have no problem "reading" a lot out of samles like those posted here. They contain highlighs, shadows and color -- just like real life.

Anyhow, the SLT technology will not overcome the traditional mirror for same generation cameras when it comes to high ISO performance.

Not that I do have any problem with it, but those tests are irrelevant in the real world.

Many of us are getting the A99 for OTHER reasons than high ISO noise barely visible behind the D600 at an ISO setting that we rarely use!  

That remains to be seen.  I am not a high ISO shooter, but time to time, I am more and more inclined to believe that shooting at ISO 3200-6400 can become handy, specially for street photography at night.

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