2 great alternatives to Olympus Sport Case for RX100

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Re: 2 great alternatives to Olympus Sport Case for RX100

Liz Z. wrote:

I had no luck getting the Olympus Horizontal Sport case to work, so I returned it, but I still hoped to find a horizontal form-fitting neoprene case (since I started using a neck strap I've found vertical cases akward). I was perusing the Op/Tech site and they had only a few options that they linked with the RX100, but I decided to delve further, and my delving paid off, with two different but really good options.

My favorite is this one, the Soft Pouch-Snapeez, $9.95 on Amazon. It fits the camera like a glove and closes with a magnet. The back has a belt loop which is so tight it can be used as a horizontal battery pocket, especially if I sew one side shut.

Snapeez closed around RX100

Back view, belt loop

The other one is the Soft Pouch Digital Series--D-Micro, $15.70 on Amazon. This one requires a bit more effort (by design) to get the camera into it--Op/Tech suggests turning it inside out, but I didn't need to. It has an internal "leash" strap and hook that attaches to the camera's strap, and allows the case to stay attached while off the camera. This one has no belt loop. It has two snaps on the underside of the pouch. If I keep it I'd sew velcro to the label and the bottom, as the snaps require more effort than the magnet of the Snapeez.

The part with the label has snaps that close under the pouch. Camera case "leash" on right.

D-Micro, top view with camera

D-Micro bottom view

The caption of the 5th image above disappeared, but that is the side view of the Snapeez, showing the elastic which makes it adjustable.

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I would recommend using a zipped case. I used to use cases like this or even put my camera in my shirt pocket. Until I got l dust on my sensor (Canon S95) Dirt can work its way through the lens sleeves after a while and sensor cleaning on a fixed lens camera is expensive. You don't want that to happen to your RX100.



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