The Olympus 75mm, tell me why I "need" it.

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Re: The Olympus 75mm, tell me why I "need" it.


I've been through numerous threads here regarding the Olympus "must have" primes, the 12, 40 and 75.  I must confess that I am a tried and true addict of zoom lenses as I find the versatility of them to be so useful and adaptable for any given situation.  I have had primes before, 50 mm macros and my first tele lens was a 135.  The only prime that I have very fond memories of, prior to shooting digital, was the Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 105mm f/2D.  This lens was absolutely gorgeous and the images it produced were of equal quality.  I utilized this lens for a lot of natural light shooting, portraits and weddings, and even landscapes, it was actually a pretty versatile lens.

I don't actually shoot a lot of ultra wide stuff, and, if I wish to use it, have the four thirds 14-35 f2 SWD at my disposal, so the 12mm doesn't have any siren call for me.  But I keep coming back to the other two after hearing so many glowing reports here and on other forums.  I'd like to hear some feedback from anyone on here who's had experience with the 75, and yes, the 45 as well, but I'm leaning in the 75 direction. Tell me why I "need" this lens.


Lorne Miller

If you actually need/want the angle of view the 75mm produces: "GET IT!"

It is extremely sharp!

It offers fast auto focusing, except for in bad light.

(Still it focuses accurately down to very low light, although it gets slower then)

AF-speed can be slower woth older m4/3 bodies; from the PEN PM1/PL2/PL3/P3 and newer models, AF is very fast, practically the same as, or very close to, AF with the OM-D E-M5.

Perfectly balanced on the OM-D, same on other m4/3 bodies if you hold it the correct way. No, I will not say it´s "front heavy", because WHOEVER holds a camera of this type as if it was a compact?

Left hand around lens, right hand holding the camera: Voliá, the combo feels very solid, with grip or without and  I do use it with pleasure in both ways (I have the original Olympus grip for my OM-D)

Very ckean colours and contrast too.

Sharpness was mentioned; it is really sharp right across the frame and loses only a few "percent" sharpness wide open, corner to corner.

Of course it´s also simply gourgeously beautiful, one of the best desined lenses I´ve seen...for what it matters.

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