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Re: Elite 5400 II

I bought the same scanner several weeks ago. No problems about the drivers. I've tried vuescan driver as well as the modified .inf driver (you just have to point it from the device manager) all of them in windows 7 x64.They both work the same. I've also tried the mac driver in osx 10.6. The first time I tried it on the mac lots of color streaks appeared but then the second time I openend the program everything was fine. There is a "calibrate" button on the menu of the minolta software in the mac version. I haven't found it in the pc version but I think the PC software does make the calibration automatically on startup. Vuescan also have the calibrate function, it is on the scanner -> calibrate menu. This is the first thing to try. Afterwards you can try setting the exposure manually just in case.

I did found a problem with my scanner in the dark shadows. They appear smudged with minolta sw as well as with siverfast. It doesn't happen with vuescan, so this is the program I recommend. You can see some samples here.


I think you have a hardware problem somewhere, maybe usb cable, maybe ac adapter not supplying the correct voltage. This scanner was designed in 2003 so it should be working flawlessly in xp.

I've read a lot of comments on internet regarding the cheap construction of this scanner. I actually think it is not a bad design. I bought my scanner second hand and thousands of slides must have gone through it. I thought cleaning the mirror and the optic would be obligated but it turns out that the mirror and optic/sensor are hidden behind a trap that is only exposed during scan time. I had a look at them and they are clean like new. I think I'm gonna love this scanner very much: nice colors and better dynamic range than most new scanners. Plus the ice functions works wonders either in vuescan or minolts sw and the multisampling feature is a good help too.

Good luck making work your one.

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