First mid 40's client (C&C)

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Re: First mid 40's client (C&C)

gl2k wrote:

Mission accomplished. I like them.

My personal experience with persons at that age is : it's a tightrope walk when it comes to retouching. Making a 40 years old face look like 20 is ridiculous. So the question remains : how much skin retouching is just right ?

Your "model" seems to have  a pretty good skin. But I maybe wrong and it's PS to the max.

Unfortunately many women at that age consider themself rather unattractive and just care about all their little issues.

Glad you like them!  My retouching was not much and I didn't touch any wrinkles.  I mostly used "more light" when shooting to try and avoid heavy processing later.  While I didn't actually remove any wrinkles or aim to do heavy skin retouching...some of my actions and sliders did slightly decrease them as I added a little glow or softness, however she doesn't have much in the first place.

I like to think of wrinkles as being earned...and I think removing them does not do justice.  Bringing more light to them is a different story

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