5R has resistive touch screen??!!

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Re: Seems pretty responsive in this video ...

Hi Pat,

firstly I don't think many people with big, clumsy hands will like to operate a small, delicate camera like one of the NEX models. I can only speak for myself, but I never ever had a single problem with the very sensitive touch screen of my NEX-5N. If many people switch off their touch screen completely - I would need to see a survey first, to believe that. It doesn't count if you heard it here and there.

Secondly I actually don't complain about a lack of sensitiveness, my problem are the other significant disadvantages of resistive displays which you can look up at i.e. wikipedia.

1. the top layer of the display is made of flexible material in order to be pressed onto the second layer. This process causes some wearout over the time
2. Max brightnes of a resisitive display is 80%
3. Resisitve displays are unable to execute multitouch
4. With frequent usage, resistive displays become out of focus (may need recalibration)

The better technology capacitive displays do not suffer from these disadvantages.

I'm in touch with someone from Sony customer services who promised me to investigate this issue.

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