Member Designations: Suggestions for a Few New Ones

Started Oct 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
Simon Gallup Senior Member • Posts: 1,352
Re: Member Designations: Suggestions for a Few New Ones

Joes Raw Talk wrote:

Some people live a for title and so now you can get yourself another right here in DPR forum world. You got your Seniors, Contributing Member...blah blah blah but here are a few that will spice things up around here and have been overlooked.

1. 'Endless Droning Contender'

2. 'Smartest Guy in the Forum(just ask me)'

3. 'Most Likely to Get Under Your Skin'

4. 'Most Forum IDs'

5. 'Most Ignored'

6. 'Silliest Post of the Year Nominee'

7. 'Champion of the Dumbest Question'

8. 'I Failed Anger Management Therapy'

9. 'If it Ain't My Idea/Thought, I Disagree'

10. 'My Posts are Pointless'

11. 'Hi, it's me again, the guy that follows you around and insults you everywhere you post'

12. 'I searched DPR for the most asked question... so I could ask it again'

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