Nex-6 or Nex-7?

Started Oct 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
firefox23508 Contributing Member • Posts: 787
Re: Nex-6 or Nex-7?

I sold my Oly EM-5 because I hated the user interface with unmarked dials similar to NEX 7.  I was reluctant to try the 7 because of this but I used a friend's 7 and it could not have been more different and much easier to grasp, both user interface and physically with the handgrip.  The navigation wheels are pretty intuitive and the mode dial in the menu is very fast to access.  Not as fast as a real dial but close enough for me.  I bought one a few weeks ago and love it.  With the new update, love it even more.  Since the price of an almost new one on eBay is so low, I wouldn't even consider the 6.  I bought a perfect, like new 7 with kit lens and flash with a few included accessories for $980 on eBay.  I sold everything on eBay except the body for $400, bringing the body cost down to around $600.  Can't beat that!  Now will purchase some prime lenses and be perfectly set up.

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