How about Olympus colors?

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Re: How about Olympus colors?

linslus wrote:

Bryan Biggers wrote:

I don't know what you are using, but be sure to try color mode #4 "muted". This is the mode that used to be called "Natural" on the previous cameras, but for some reason "Natural" is now more saturated on the OMD.  I'm using "muted" almost all the time.

Does this mode affect sharpness and contrast too?

No it does not, just that the colors are closest to real life. In the previous cameras this mode was called "Natural", but they seem to have changed it. "Natural" has some over saturation on the OM-D now if you ask me. Calling the mode "Muted" sort of discourages people from trying it I think, because it sounds like it is going to be colorless, but actually it is very accurate. Take a few shots with it anyway and see if that isn't what you are looking for. I use it all the time with sharpness set to -2, I'm not a big fan of software oversharpening either.

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