MacBook Pro 17"

Started Oct 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Found what you wanted.

Oly E10 wrote:

I'm considering replacing my desktop PC with a decent laptop.

General use CS6: Lightroom:

Considering the discontinued MacBook Pro 17" Apple refurbished. Late 2011 early 2012 version.

I would upgrade the memory.

I like the extra real-estate that a 17" affords. It would also be powering a Dell 24" monitor.

Question: Is the 17" although discontinued, still worth my consideration?

Are the 5400 rpm drives a bottle neck in the system?

I have no interest in the new 15" Retina Mac as next to nothing on it can be upgraded.

Peter in Canada.

Upgraded to 8gb ram I7 Hybrid and or SSD

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