Wait for D400 or switch to FX? The answer is in LENSES, not only in the bodies!!!

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Wait for D400 or switch to FX? The answer is in LENSES, not only in the bodies!!!

Many messages and threads are about the price of bodies, the price of sensores, the attributes of the bodies and advantages of the formats.

The main photoequipment price is not in DX and FX body, but in lenses.  The customers for D400 do not have kit DX 18-55 only.  The main question is "Do I want to sell my DX lenses and buy FX lenses and do I want to use my FX lenses as FX lenses?"

If I have FX 24-70/2.8 and FX 85/1.8 , the answer will be: "Yes, I do and the FX body price is the main criterion for me."

If I have FX 70-200/2.8, FX 200-400/4, FX 300/4 , FX 300/2.8, FX 400/2.8 or such lenses, the answer may be: "No, DX is better for me, I want 0.94x wiewfinder with 1.15x magnifier DK-17m".

If I have DX 10-24, DX 12-24, DX 17-55/2.8, DX 16-85 VR, DX 35/1.8, DX 18-200 VR, DX 10.5 FishEye, DX 55-300 VR or DX Sigma, Tokina and Tamron lenses, I will not ask "What is the price of the cheapest FX body?", but I will ask "What is the balance of selling my DX lenses and buying new FX lenses? Why should I do it?"

My DX 10-24 is cheaper, lighter than FX 16-35, slightly wider and the edge sharpness does not differ from the center so much as 16-35.  Why to sell 10-24 and lose money and buy 16-35?

My DX 16-85 is  cheaper, lighter than FX 24-120/4 and the edge sharpness does not differ from the center so much as 24-120.  Why to sell 16-85 and lose money and buy 24-120?

My DX 17-55/2.8 is good enough for all my purposes. Why to sell 17-55 and lose money and buy 24-70/2.8?

.... and another lenses switches which can be calculated as many times more money than for body switch.

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