Thinking of moving to Fuji X land from M43 but ... question.

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Re: Thinking of moving to Fuji X land from M43 but ... question.

well, I used to use sony dslr exclusively before and the speed of which you can snap image from seeing the scene to actual picture is fantastic on the sonys. I would never miss a shot from the exact moment it happened for example my little kids etc... just really point and shoot in most cases for very instant capture.

The xpro1 I have now is not like that, but it is not "slow" neither. You just have to think about little time, you simply can't take your pictures in hurry. There are frustrating moments, I know them very well, I travelled with xpro1 and x100 very extensively in europe for few months even on yacht and there are always those shots that you need to take right-right now but the camera decides it can't focus quickly or it focus on something else and you miss the exact precise moment. But that's why there are still DSLRs for those exact-moment snapshots. If the xpro1 can totally replace DSLR then everybody will buy it and that is not the case.

I simply got used to the non-dslr speed and know what image I can and what I can't achieve and I am fine with it. The fact is since x100 and xpro 1 I have no desire to acquire any other camera (big saving!) because I always ask myself, has the new camera equal or better IQ than xpro1 while roughly similar size and the answer always had been: no and often by a long shot.

But it can be frustrating - one good point about the xe1 is that one of the bigger frustration on xpro1 is always related to OVF and its paralax - camera missfocus or can't focus or it is too close to focus, this is usually when OVF is used. You don't have that in xe1 so I'd say big chunk of frustration with focus can be gone by simply forcing you using EVF which works more reliably especially when you starting with it.

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