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HeyElwood wrote:

Good morning everyone,

I'm a wedding dj who has been getting into photography and videography as well.  I recently bought a Canon 7d and have been doing video gig logs to help promote myself to future clients.  I've been noticing that I can't control the auto level in the camera while I'm doing video.  I did update the firmware to the 2.0 version but I still can't control the levels while recording...only prior to.

I've heard about magic lantern and I found a website which I will post below...

I'm wondering, is this a reliable website for magic lantern?


Is magic lantern safe to put on my camera?

Yes, it doesn't touch the stock firmware.

Do I have to have a specific card in the camera to run magic lantern or does the firmware get loaded onto the camera itself?

The download page has the instructions. magic La

What are your thoughts on magic lantern?

It is a great application and I've used it on other bodies (as well as the CHDK project on P&S cameras) but the 7D version is incomplete and we will be receiving features for the 7D as the 7D code is stabilized and more fully tested. I for one am grateful for those working on the ML project.

When the beta comes out I am going to contribute funds to the project. I urge other 7D users who want ML to do the same.


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