The Olympus 75mm, tell me why I "need" it.

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Re: The Olympus 75mm, tell me why I "need" it.

Absolutic wrote:

you feel that way??? Hmmmm do you believe Canon's 135L, one of Canon's most popular lenses ever is also a specialist lens?  Just wondering

You make a good point, and I am surprised by the fact I do not find many situations in which to use it. It is such a good lens that, to learn to better use it, I have just left it on for now.

I truly think the minimum distance of .85m is a limiting issue. It means it can't be used as an ultra-sharp semi-macro lens for objects smaller than a soccer ball, basically. Oddly enough, my old Oly OM 135:2.8 seems more versatile in that respect.

I repeat: the pictures taken with is are quite awesome. But for $900 I probably expected a bit more versatility. I will keep it - but it would not top my list of "must have" m43 lenses.

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