Thoughts on Thom's recent writings

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Re: Thoughts on Thom's recent writings

Leif Goodwin wrote:

Hogan can be rather tiresome with his constant whining about how Nikon are doing it all wrong, and if he was in charge, it would be all milk and honey. He does not need to gush with praise, but it does seem to be almost constant negativity towards the company. He seems to forget that the current economic situation is pretty dire, and Nikon suffered two major disasters, namely the tsunami and flooding overseas. And yet they continue to produce impressive cameras.

Of course there are some lenses that need updating, and there is a hole where 4/3 and micro 4/3 cameras can steal market share from Nikon. Buy why go on and on and on about this? It is a shame, as he is clearly a clever chap, and his reviews are widely respected. I suppose it might be that he is more gear head than photographer.

I would definitely have to agree with this. I have no idea if he's doing it for clicks or kicks but his site has definitely taken a turn. It almost feels like he's gone from gear reviews to rants. I don't go to his site anymore because it always leaves me with an image in my head that when he isn't writing his rants, he's devising new ways to keep the kids off of his lawn. His reviews used to have a real world shoot from the hip level-headedness to them. Last time I looked, it was really hard to even find a review.

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