D600 v's D3x

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Re: D600 v's D3x

Zvonko wrote:

why would anyone buya D3x now... not at the price difference surely the new camera is the winner??

You've already had good answers, but I'll add mine.

If you earn your living taking photos, you need equipment that works when you need it. If your camera breaks in the middle of a shoot, the cost to you might be far more than the camera is worth. Perhaps you lose the payment for that job, and perhaps your reputation is damaged, and you lose a high paying client. The shutter is rated to 300,000 frames, the frame rate is 5/7 FPS in FX/DX modes. It has a built in vertical grip with longer battery life. And it has a bullet proof build and proper weather sealing. However, most people will not need the pro features of this camera, and a D800 will be more than good enough, if not better. So yes, for most people the D800 is the winner.

The fact that it is still on sale at a much higher price than the D800 means that someone must be buying it. It has always been a low selling item anyway. Nikon has already paid for the tooling, so maybe it does not cost much to keep on making small batches. Or maybe they have stock left.

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