How about Olympus colors?

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I have a D700 as well as OMD - and don't have any issues with RAW color from either camera

If you're going to the trouble of calibrating your monitor and noticing subtle differences between RAW output of different cameras, I would suggest getting a chip chart and creating individual calibrations for each of your cameras. X-Rite Color Checker is what I've used when I've gone down that route. You shoot the chip chart in various light conditions and create  presets in ACR.

I'm pleased with my OMD's RAW output. In fact, if you don't like the Olympus RAW output, it's likely due to the RAW default development of the application you are using, such as LR or ACR, not the "actual" RAW output of the camera. That's where creating your own preset will get you back to where you want to be.

Where I feel the OMD doesn't do so well in generating pleasing AWB indoors. I think the X-Series Fuji's do the best job by far in that area. So I just shoot a white balance with the OMD if I'm inside or otherwise around low level interior ambient or artificial light. In terms of skin tones, nothing can touch the Fuji's, in my experience. (D50, D300, D700, OMD, EP-L3, GF-1, X100, X10, S100, etc). I also shoot my Fuji's in jpeg just to get the Fuji color values.

I also have no issues with Nikon glass, and its color renderings, despite what one poster wrote, nor do the thousands of pro's who shoot with Nikon glass, apparently.

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