How about Olympus colors?

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Re: How about Olympus colors?

IrishhAndy wrote:

Pollo wrote:

I'm enjoying my OM-D very much. But I am used to the neutral Nikon colors. I've read often about the 'beautiful Olympus colors.' To my eyes (I shoot in Raw and have a calibrated Apple Cinema HD) the reds are somewhat over-saturated. Does that mean that 'Beautiful colors' isn't the same as 'correct colors?' I unchecked the 'keep warm colors' in the camera and have set the white balance to auto. It is not a big problem though: a correction of reds -20 in Lightroom's Camera Calibration does the job perfectly. Now here's my question: is it possible to correct he reds in the camera itself or must I do this each time in Lightroom 4? Thanks for your answer.

Olympus colours no lomger exist.  They were something that was very real with the Kodak sensors of four thirds.  When olympus moved to pamasonic sensors they lost that look.  The  pens and the om-d are just oversaturated for consumer effect.  This was never an olympus trait.

As to Nikon,  when I first switched from olympus the colours made me want to puke.  The greens are particularly horrible and skin tones are unrealistic.  It is a pity as their sensors and cameras are very good.  It is a shame about the nikon lenses.

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Without the darkness the light would be nothing !

Don't like Nikon colors?  Then profile your camera.  It's not that difficult.

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