Not sure if I did the right thing... from Canon 5D3 to D700?

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Re: Did I get ripped off based on mileage?

Rumi Siddiqui wrote:

tomnorth wrote:

I had been out checking prices for used D700s on eBay when I was briefly considering selling mine to help finance the D800 purchase. My D700 has fifty-some thousand shutter releases. Based on what I saw, $1,600 would be a fair price for 60K actuations, especially including the battery grip. You are correct in assuming that the D700 shutter is rated for 150,000 actuations. One thing to keep in mind is that replacing a shutter is only a few hundred dollar repair, so it's not as if your camera will be a boat anchor once the shutter dies (which might be well past 150,000 actuations).

That's good to know, thank you for that. I guess I never factored shutter repair as a solution, I just assumed that was the end of the camera life overall. I guess the price was somewhat reasonable, considering it's mileage. Sadly, with respect to the battery grip; I came to find out it's not the stock, like I originally thought. It's a vello's 3rd party one that doesn't even take the Nikon batteries which the seller supplied. Regardless, I'm still happy, and still excited.

Bear in mind that the 150k figure is just a guide - have seen many D700s on sale in the Uk with 300-450,000 actuations and still working (MPB sold a batch of them a few months ago for around £1000 mark). Sure you will never regret buying a D700!

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