D800 I like it and then I hate it.....

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Re: D800 I like it and then I hate it.....

3systermuser wrote:

just exchange it or sell it and get one of these latest D800 cameras , I had a bad copy of D800e ,which I bought back in this April  and I was like you having experienced love-and-hate relationship with this camera for quite some time.

and a week a go , I got a D600 without any focus issue , so I decided to sell my 7 month old D800e that Nikon refused to fix its low light AF problem and I bought a new D800 non-e this time(because honestly, I did not see much difference in resolution or detail resolving power of these 2 cameras).

my new D800 focuses as surely as my D600 or my other older Nikon bodies in very low light and it tracks better my dogs better than all other my Nikon and Sony cameras.

so, I guess there is some QC issue at Nikon( as always) and the latest batch of the D800 cameras may well be a bit better than older batch and I am sure most of D800 cameras made after the last Olympic are fine.

so, try to get one of these latest batch of this cameras and I think everything's going to be fine.

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This post should become a sticky for the forum.

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