Nikon 70/200 f4 VR II a switcher?

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Re: Nikon 70/200 f4 VR II a switcher?

Nikon will cripple that lense(70-200) no doubt about it just like their 24-120 and 16-35. It is Nikon's policy to optically cripple their F4 zoom line up behind their F2.8 line up. Canon on the other hand, tries to optically make both F2.8 & F4 zoom and wide line up on par with each other.

and that means that 17-40/4 and 16-35/2.8 are pretty messy in terms of sharpness, not just in the corners

but in general, I agree. f/4 from Nikon is not cheap and not always stellar optically. Canon has it done nice, especially in terms of price/quality ratio

Canon's F4 line up covers 8-600mm that's with fish eye and a built-in 1.4 tc, Nikkors are no match whatsoever to their Canon counterpart. Trust me on this, for this new lense(70-200 F4 VR3) to beat Canon's version, Nikon must first beat their own 70-200 F2.8 VR2, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Nikon fanbase will be extremely disappointed with this new over price glass that they will jump to Canon ship. The VR3 thing is just a mask to hide its optical inferiority, trust me this.

if I'm correct the II identifier in Nikkor lens names refers to version of the lens (just as with Canon), not to the version of VR. that would mean that eventual 70-200/4 VR II, probably some 15 years away from now, may possibly be a game changer. why not? it's 15 years from now, lot of things can happen

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