Can't work out how to load it into my A77

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Re: Can't work out how to load it into my A77

Last year I picked up a cheap old Minolta 7000 as a piece of 'history'. It appeared to be in working order so I thought, what the hell - I'll buy some film and give it a go. So off I trotted to my nearest camera shop here in Kent, UK (which unfortunately is a Jessops, albeit one of the better ones I've been to) and asked if they sold 35mm film - after some head scratching the young girl asked the manager and they produced a BUCKET of film from beneath one of the displays and proceeded to root through the random selection of boxes for the iso I requested... I now things change the world is digital now but still, it seemed somehow disrespectful to the old ways for it to be stored that way :-).

Oh.. and it turned out I should have gone to the large Boots the Chemist down the road - they still stocked a good range of colour and black and white film from cheapo own brand to some high end Kodak and Ilford, neatly racked (and in date, albeit a few were a few months from expiry).


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